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About Us


Tyagi Ram Smith and Denise (Chandra) Ruelas are newly married residents of Ananda Village in Nevada City, California and are both long-time Kriyabans. 


Ram is an ordained Lightbearer Minister of Ananda Sangha/Church of Self-Realization since 1981 and Denise supports him musically in doing a variety of Ananda events, including kirtans, concerts, pilgrimages, Sunday Services and retreats.


Ram and Denise have a unique spiritual ministry together as they are both Ananda Yoga and Meditation instructors, as well as professional musicians and singers.


Ram and Denise have recorded two musical albums in 2023: “What Is Love? — Songs of Swami Kriyananda” and “Channels of Peace-The Spirit of St Francis of Assisi”.


Finally, Ram has studied, practiced, and taught Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings, under the guidance of the late Swami Kriyananda, since 1977 and was a founding member of Ananda Assisi, where he lived in Italy for 7 years and met Pope John Paul II at the Vatican March 1989.

“Ram’s magnetism as expressed in his voice and Denise’s fine musicianship and her joy are completely captivating.”
“Ram and Denise have created something that will never go out of style or out of grateful memory.”

David G.

Surendra Conti

"Ram and Chandra are a lovely marriage in music that invites the soul to soar as it is deeply touched with the essence of spirit."

Jeff Ferrannini

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