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Tyagi Ram and
Denise Ruelas



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Ananda is universal bliss that seeks to express itself as a song of the heart in every person. AnandaSong is a collaboration of Tyagi Ram (Robert Smith) and Denise Ruelas to bring greater peace and harmony within all and throughout all. We offer tools that unite self with the highest ideals of Self.


We understand that we as individuals achieve peace and harmony not by focusing on material or physical achievements, but by growth in each of our unique paths to Self-realization. We represent a universal message of unity and diversity for world peace.

Meditation and Yoga

Techniques that anyone can do and that can take you to the next level.

Click here for guided Samadhi Meditation.


Universal Music

Provided in sing-along concerts and Kirtans, in recordings, and in teaching the art of playing harmonium and/or piano live or online. We are available to lead a concert in your area and offer links to our recordings.



We lead pilgrimages to sacred sites, including the shrines of Yogananda and St. Francis of Assisi, in California and Italy. Pilgrimages offer yoga postures, singing and education on mystical teachings.  



We minister ceremonies, including weddings, baptisms, and beginning and end of life rituals. 

Vana Deva Sanctuary logo.JPG

Vana Deva Sanctuary

We offer tours and opportunities to participate in the Vana Deva Sanctuary, a mystical permaculture garden.

I have been to many, many concerts in my life... My expectations were far exceeded by my recent concert experience with Ram and Denise. They took songs I had heard in the past and infused them with a spiritual energy I had not even known was there.  Ram’s magnetism as expressed in his voice and Denise’s fine musicianship and her joy in it are evident and completely captivating.


David G, Manager

East West Bookshop

Mountain View CA

Alexa Young, CA

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